Better results with better conversion points

May 11, 2022

Static forms are a sure way to drop your conversion rates.


Forcing all the visitor through the same customer journey doesn't provide a great experience. It often also makes it very difficult for your people to qualify and divide the contact requests that came through such form.


Not to mention, your static form doesn't give you the opportunity to earn more and more of your potential customer's trust and sell more right then and there.


It's time to say goodbye to the static forms and replace them with VisualBots or SmartForms. This way each of your website's conversion points can be bespoke, highly contextual and fit neatly to your potential customer's individual buyer's journey.


In this online event we're covering the basic problems of static forms as conversion points and what you'll benefit when you change those to VisualBots, SmartForms or other tools you can find in our ConversionKit.

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